And so it begins...

How do you get 450kg worth of roaster in a massive wooden box up an uneven slope and through a door?

Short answer is friends.

Our first post is basically a huge thankyou to everyone that helped us move the immovable.

Padstow Brewing get a massive shout out! Without their help we would probably be camped outside next to a roaster and wondering what to do... 

The guys at Relish for going above and beyond.

Colin from Nirvana for lifting a really heavy thing.

Rob from Watergate Bay Surf Store (with support moral support from Tina)  and George from George's Surf School who came to enjoy a relaxing coffee at just the right (wrong) moment.

Oh, and Beth for shouting support from her deck chair while capturing me basically rugby tackling a roaster into place.

We love you guys.