Its just a Natural Process

Most normal people will read a bag of coffee and assume that the phrase “Natural Process” means that the fruit of the cherry has been gently removed by indigenous ferrets. Turns out its something far less romantic but with a much greater impact.

Ferret by Sarah Hercod

Ferret by Sarah Hercod

When the coffee cherries are harvested, instead of the more widespread practice of pulping and washing to extract the coffee seed or bean, the coffee ‘fruit’ is left complete. These cherries are spread out on raised ‘African’ beds or patios and allowed to dry in the sun (naturally). The dried fruit is then milled off and can be brewed as ‘cascara’, an incredibly fruity, slightly coffee, fruit tea.

Although this is actually a more old school method harking back to the land of it’s origin, Ethiopia, it’s become rather fashionable. With the right coffee and constant attention, the results can be fantastic. When done well, you end up with a crazy, fruity coffee, bright and bursting with flavour.

I guess I will have to just set the ferrets I’ve been training free…

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