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We have a roaster and we’re not afraid to use it…


Hugo is a bit of a veteran in the coffee world. Being a UK barista champion before it was cool and competing to become the 10th best in the world (THE WORLD!). Roasting coffee seemed the obvious next step. However, he found he lacked the beard and arm tattoos that are needed to create true speciality coffee.

By a lucky happenstance Sean had been hanging around Hugos coffee shop being a coffee bore (you know the type) and pretending to be creative on his Mac for long enough that it was assumed he was a natural artisan. 

Lots of planning, learning and throwing money at some high tech coffee roasting equipment later and Rising Ground was born.

We have a very sexy Giesen Roaster and we get the best speciality coffee to put in it. Hugo and Sean are  now roasting coffee that not only taste delicious but is just plain artisan AF. 

About our coffee

We choose the best speciality grade green coffee and then roast it to our own profiles which we develop to get the best flavours in your cup. We don’t mess around when it comes to our roast (we do mess around in most other areas) its a serious business. We spent a lot of money on getting the equipment and technology in place so we control whats happening when we roast our coffee. Its not just about waiting for it to turn brown its about how it gets to that point.  

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