Why is it called Milan?

What the hell is a coffee roaster in Cornwall calling one of their blends “Milan” for? Are these guys daft? Yes, probably but thats not the actual reason we came up with that name.

It turns out we had a decent reason.


We are big fans of Conti and test our espresso blends thoroughly on a Conti Sixty. One day we had a very exciting call when they asked us to send them coffee to take to Host Milan. We hit the Laboratory* and spent the day researching** possible blends that would showcase their espresso machine. Neither of us slept that night with all the excitement*.

Anyway, as you may have gathered by now the reason it is called Milan is because that was its first destination. We love it and now produce it for general sale. 

BTW It also makes a great filter for that first morning coffee.

*Bench with coffee stuff on

** Drinking coffee

*** Possibly coffee related